About Us

Our Ministry of Coffee

Here at Ministry of Coffee, we believe in community, quality & value.

Our home is your home & our sites in Australia and the US are globally renowned, feeling like a home away from home for the locals & the community. We take pride in making every one of our sites a truly relaxing environment where you can spend a minute or the whole day with our team. We want MOC to be your place for you, your family & friends as well as your pets – as they are part of our family as well.

Founded through hundreds of years of Turkish coffee roasting practices & combined with the Australian flair as well as third wave roasting, we deliver a truly unique experience. Ministry of Coffee propriety Signature Blend has evolved over 20 years and brings together full bodied Columbian beans, with Costa Rican bite, Honduras dark chocolate flavours and a honey-comb like Ethiopian finish. All beans are individually roasted & then blended post roast to ensure the flavours are kept. This ensure the final blend enhances & draws you in to the individual flavours on every cup of coffee we make.

We are the only Australian Coffee Company globally who roasts 100% of our blends in Sydney. We then air freight all our coffee to the USA & around the world. We are proud to be MINISTRY OF COFFEE – AUSTRALIAN COFFEE ROASTERS

Our exceptional Signature Series Coffee is always our main driver as we are literally a Ministry of Coffee! We take our responsibility of being one of the most important people you see as you come in & relax or as you head in to work or school. Our passion is to bring something special to your day and to bring a smile to your face.

At Ministry of Coffee we pride ourselves on creating delicious yet healthy conscious menus. Where possible we source from our own 300 hectares of organic farming in the Southern Highlands, always focusing on in season & local produce to create amazing meals options that do not break the bank or waistline. From our Nourished product line served at every Ministry of Coffee to our signature meals and snacks, everything is 100% made in store on site at every location.

Together our goal is to make every experience at Ministry of Coffee, to be remember as part of your home away from home and we are not delivering this then we are not doing what we promise.