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Ministry of Coffee – we are here for you and we welcome you being part of the MOC family.

Jimmy – Chief Vision Officer & Founder

“Jimmy” is a proud Australian with Turkish origins with an amazing history in food and beverage industry that spans decades as well as continents. He is simply the heart and soul of MOC. If there is one word to describe Jimmy is passion!

He loves coffee & he loves food! This passion comes through as he strives to know as much as humanly possible about every product we make or source. Many of our products in our Australian operations are sourced from Jimmy’s organic farms in the Southern Highlands, where we have 300 acres of nearly every product you can think of, from lamb to herbs to fruits & veggies, nearly 80% of our product comes from our own farms. We even have coffee beans growing on our farms!

 Jimmy is our Chief Vision Officer, and there is no better way to describe his knowledge, passion and energy as he leads from the front to take third wave Australian coffee & passion around the world.

Average coffee a day ratio of 7 coffee’s per day, always ¾ almond milk latte.

Mr Sean Wilson – Chief Paper Shuffler & 2x Intergalactic Ping Pong Champion

Sean’s job description is the keeping the wheels on the ground and making sure the papers are shuffled whilst ensuring we are always keep the momentum moving forward in a structured yet dynamic way. Occasionally wearing a tie or reviewing a lease and seemingly always on the road meeting new people.

Average coffee a day ratio of 5 coffee’s per day always a piccolo or ¾ latte full cream.

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